Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization, the largest and oldest civilizations in the world | important facts 2022

Hello friends, Let’s talk about Indus Valley Civilization, it is a matter of the year 1827 that a soldier recruited in the British East India Company would leave the army secretly, one day, fed up with his company one exploits. To stay undercover, he changes his name and sets out to do what was his true passion. Traveling After traveling in the Indian subcontinent for 2 years, he reaches the region of Punjab in his teen 29 years. Here they find the ruins of an unknown ancient city. They didn’t even have any idea how old these rules are? It is, but because he was very fond of history. They start documenting what was shown to them. Writes notes, draws drawings. The drawings are clearly visible on the screen. James Lewis was oblivious to the fact that he had actually discovered the ancient city of Harappa.

Mohenjo Daro was probably the capital of the Indus Valley Civilization.

About 100 years after this, in 1920 days, the world got more information. John Marshall was appointed the Director of the AC about this ancient civilization and with the help of an Indian archaeologist, he surveyed these sections of Harappa. It turns out that History is actually more than 5000 years old.

Meanwhile, another historical site was discovered on the bank of the river, where many human bones were found and this place was named Mohenjo Daro. That is, Amount of the Dead. Gradually more excavations were done and more such fragments were found. Many more historical sites have revealed that the burials in these places are evidence of a civilization that no one knew about and because these civilizations found along the Khandar River were given the name Indus Valley Civilization.

We know many things in the year 2022. Civilization is also taught in school books, but two things are still a huge mystery. First, he used to write in the language of the people every moment. What does it mean? With these words, how can this writing be understood? And second, how did this great civilization end? What happened with these people, let’s try to know how in today’s video? Because it has been under the ground thousands of years ago and now in the archaeological excavation one after the other is quite historical, which are coming out in front.

From day to day try to understand this like Kuch Hota Hai BS lo. The Indus Valley Civilization Friends was a bronze civilisation, located in present day Pakistan, Afghanistan and North Western India. So far we have got more than 1400 sites in total. Of these, 900 likes in India. There was very little civilization in that era at par with the Indus Valley, which was so old. Three of them were four, Egyptian and Chinese. Out of these four, Chinese was the most recent, then the oldest civilization is counted as option and only. It is not believed that the old civilization is of humans, but in the year 2016, IIT Kharagpur and SI had studied.

Archaeological dating techniques were used. After which he said that the Indus Valley can actually be 8000 years old. Evidence has been found that the farming settlement which was done earlier was done in 7000 BC. It has been found in today’s Haryana state that not many cities were developed during that time, only agricultural tools were found. If the pottery was seen, then the time is from 7000 BC to 5500 BC. Well called Dear Har Aapne Face, it is said that urbanization started only after 5500 BC when public buildings were built and trade rules were made. By 2600 BC, their civilization had become so advanced that multi-storey houses were built in their cities.

The bricks used to build houses had a standard measurement. Insects were of the same size. Every house had a toilet, a place to bathe, a drainage system from where the drain could exit. There were drains on the roads. There is a place to walk. Trees were planted on the side, there were public wells from where everyone could drink water. Dust bins were made where people could throw garbage. In terms of urban planning, their cities were probably better than any Indian city today, but still we cannot understand them in depth because we do not know their language.

More than 4000 such artifacts have been found in stones, labs, tablets, copper plates, on which their language is written. Some were found in Harappa, some in Mohenjo Daro and some other historical site, we call the Indus script, more than 100 attempts have been made from 1920 till today to understand their language. But till now we do not understand what do these symbols mean? Now 200 because so many attempts have been made to understand this Indus script and so many inscriptions are available with us, so there are some things which we can call short.

To express one word and one sound, I will explain with example which easy option high disease lips which you must have seen easy option symbols. This option is an interesting thing at the time of civilisation. Friends, historians have actually understood this language, so unlike the ind script historians, today, know what exactly is the meaning of which symbol in Egyptian language and this language too. It is similar that a symbol which is there represents a sound. For example, this is the symbol of Vulture, it represents the sound today. This is the symbol of the foot, it represents the sound.

You will find translation of similarly all sound here and seeing this you can also write your name in Easy Option Hero Clips. Like if I want to write Dhruv then my name will look something like this in Easy Option Hero Clips for first one hand then one week and son is not quite interesting thing. Now the thing is that we could understand the Egyptian language of friends because about 200 years ago, archaeologists got them excavated and found a big stone. A stone on which something is written in Easy Option and on that stone the bean cheese was written in Ancient Greek language and we already knew how to speak Greek. So in a way the stone became like Google Translate.

A Great Ancient A language we knew and a language we didn’t know were able to learn through it. This stone is called by way of Rosetta stone and later the archaeologist found many more such stones, scripts where two languages ​​have been written at one place. Now the problem is that friends have not found any such stone or Roger Stone for their script, so we have no base to imagine ourselves that what these symbols mean for these words? Think this very difficult task yourself and see if I tell you to write Chinese here and tell you that you do not have any translation of Chinese available with you.

You do not even know that Chinese is such a language and ask you to translate Chinese symbols that you will be able to do. Translate these is next impossible but there are still some patterns that historians have uncovered. In this language English language if i ask you tell me a word that starts with w. You will say weather wire watermelon voter There are many words that start with W. But if I tell you guys, tell me a word in the English language that starts with WZ. Is there a word in your mind or can’t think of a word that starts with WQ

Because such a word does not exist in the English language because there are some patterns in every language. There are 26 alphabets in the English language, they are used with sir ton combinations. With some patterns, this means that in English you will find many words starting with WA W A. But no word starting with wcw will be found. There are also some symbols in similarly inside script which come after some other symbols. As always, whenever this diamond shape symbol is used,

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