Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed

Why was Korean Airlines Flight 007 carrying 269 passengers shot down by a Soviet Union missile?

On the night of August 31, 1983, Else from Sun Eight, a 23-year-old blue-eyed girl at John F Kennedy Airport in New York, hugged her father Hans Ephraim Sun Eight before boarding Korean Airlines flight 007 to Seoul.

When the ship stopped in Anchorage in Alaska to refuel, Alice also spoke to her father on the phone. Among the 61 Americans aboard the decree was US Congressman Larry McDonald.

When the plane took off from Anchorage for Seoul at 4:00 a.m., the plane’s crew put the plane on autopilot mode. The crew had no idea that the plane’s autopilot would not work that day.

After a while, the plane deviated from its assigned route and started moving towards the Soviet farm. A short time later, passengers heard the voice of an airliner on the address system. Ladies and gentlemen, we will land at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul within three hours.

Why Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed 1
Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed

It is currently 3:00 in the morning in Seoul. We will serve you breakfast before landing. But this plane never landed in Seoul. 26 minutes later, the aircraft’s captain Chun Wyung In declared an emergency descent and ordered the crew to put on their oxygen masks.

As the aircraft approached the Soviet border, it was monitored from Soviet military bases. American spy plane Boeing RC 135 was already doing reconnaissance flights in this area. These planes looked exactly like civilian aircraft.

These only had electronic gears on them and they used to fly only around the route taken by the passenger planes. By the time Korean Airlines Flight 007 approached the Soviet border, it had deviated about 200 km from its intended route.

The commanders of Russia’s Dolin So Kool air base immediately dispatched two Sukhoi Su-15 fighters to intercept the plane. Soviet pilot Colonel Gina DOC Polish in 1988.

Said in an interview, I was able to see the plane of One for Seven from Boeing, which had double window windows. Military cargo planes do not have such windows. I didn’t understand what kind of plane it was, but I didn’t have time to think. I had to do my job. I started giving a signal of the International Court to the pilot of that plane that he had violated our air limit, but there was no response from his side.

Another Soviet lieutenant general Valentin Vernikos reported that the Soviet air force had tried to warn the Korean pilot by firing glowing tracers. On the other hand, the aircraft crew in the cockpit of 007 had no idea. that Soviet aircraft are joining them.

The first Korean aircraft crossed the Kama Chata area and entered international maritime territory, but when it entered the Soviet-controlled Sakhalin area for the second time, the Soviet Air Force thought that the aircraft was on a military mission.

The Soviet Air Force was already troubled by the exercises of US Navy ships in this area and some missiles were to be tested in the same area on the same day. So the Soviet soldiers shoot first. Later he went into question mode. The International Civil Aviation Organization’s report later said.

Soviet aircraft did not attempt to radio contact with Korean aircraft. Soviet pilots also did not comply with ICAO guidelines for intercepting civilian aircraft, but the Soviet pilot said he had tried to contact the Korean Department of the Reserve ADO frequency for an emergency. But no one was listening to him in the cockpit of the Korean plane.

When Tokyo’s air traffic control asked the Korean plane to go to an altitude of 35,000 feet, the Soviet authorities had no doubt that the plane was heading upward to avoid their planes’ reach. And then it was also decided that that plane would not be allowed outside the Soviet border.

Remembered in the same position. I was given orders to destroy the ship. I accomplished my goal. A Soviet commander later admitted that he had orders to shoot down the plane at all costs, even if it crossed the Soviet border and crossed into the international border.

On 9 September, Marshal Nikolai Agar Koev admitted to a press conference in Moscow that a plane had been shot down in Soviet territory, but that he had good reason to shoot it, whether it was an RC 135 or a Boeing. One for Seven.

This plane was definitely on a military mission. After that, the Soviet Union never told the outside world whether it found the wreckage of the plane, the flight, data recorders or the bodies of the dead. Relatives of those on board were forced to mourn them without performing their last rites.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated after the end of the Cold War. So some details of flight 007 emerged. After a high-ranking meeting in 1992, Russia released details of the cockpit voice recorder’s conversations. Only then did people know for the first time that the Korean plane was not destroyed in the air.

Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed

Same position A two air-to-air strikes at 3:26 a.m. Tokyo time. AA-3 missiles were on a Korean aircraft. Some pieces of the Soviet missile were mounted in the rear of the aircraft, destroying three of the aircraft’s four hydraulic systems. But despite this, the pressure in the cabin did not decrease and all four of the aircraft who continued to fly and Steve Wish sent a message to the control room below.

The Target Race Troy, But Until This Plane. was not destroyed. The damaged aircraft continued to fly for the next 12 hours. Its pilots tried their best to control the plane, but the ship crashed into the sea near Rong Island, west of Sakhalin, and all passengers aboard were either blown away.

Did he die by drowning in the waves of the sea? But up to 12 minutes? The Korean plane did not send any MEDI signal, despite battling threats. Semar Hersh writes in his book The Target Is Fraud. 40 seconds after the missile attack, Flight C207 sent a message to Tokyo Air Traffic Control, only a few words of which were clearly audible.

Rapid compression and this ending 210, 1000 i.e. we to the aircraft. 10,000 feet where passengers can breathe the pressurized air. But even at that moment there was no sign that the pilot had realized that his plane had been hit by a missile.

Radar tracking from Japan showed that KL 007 had dropped to 16,000 ft for the next four minutes. At that altitude it is possible that the pilot tried to control the speed of the plane coming down but by then the plane had gone out of his control.

In its final phase, the aircraft rolled on its back and the pilot tried to avert a disaster by using engine power, but it was too late. When news of the downing of the plane reached America, US President Ronald Reagan called it genocide and a crime against humanity.

Chalo Me Makhani for You to Nine About That Soviet Union Against 269 Seven Van Purification Board, Anantha Chlorine Fashion Shop Line. in this meal. Sun Hill and Beginning Overload. Page. Kamlesh Jain gave a press conference to Timetable Greece and Harsh to US Secretary of State George Shultz, patiently 10 condemned the Soviet action.

Soviet leader Urin Report on the contrary accused the US of using Korean aircraft for intelligence purposes. This incident was termed as the most dangerous event of the last phase of the Cold War. The question arises that why did the missiles of the Soviet Union target this passenger plane?

Peter Greer writes in Air Force magazine’s article Date of Korean Airlines Flight 007 in January 1, 2013, Intercepts from the National Security Agency show that the Soviet Union had in fact mistook the plane as a spy plane RC 135. Who in those days were constantly circling around the coast of Sakhalin.

Intelligence historian Matthew M. Ett also believes that the level of the Soviet air defense system had fallen significantly in those days. Ett wrote in his book The Secret’s Entry, what emerged most after the downing of the KL plane was the demonstration of the Soviet air defense system. was very bad.

Even after 30 years of this incident, many questions have not been answered. For example, how did the Soviet Union assume that America would use another country’s ship to get Russian intelligence?

Especially when this information was easily available with its satellites. Who ordered the missile to be fired on the plane? In the Soviet system? The pilot was responsible for such decisions or permission was obtained directly from the Kremlin, etcetera. It was also not known what happened to the bodies of those killed in that incident.

The Civil Aviation Organization report blamed the Korean Airlines pilot for the incident. But the pilot of this aircraft, Chun In was an experienced pilot and had been flying Korean Airlines aircraft since 1972.

Famous journalist Semar Maharsh writes in his book Target Squad. He had a good safety record. Before them three times. Was selected as a backup pilot in the official visit of South Korean President Chun Duwan. Captain Chun had flown 83 times between Anchorage and the school. Along with him am Pilot Sun Dawn. His age was 47 years. He was with Korean Airlines for the last four years and spent 3,500 hours on a Boeing Seven Force One aircraft.

Asar Begani, a former NASA expert on cockpit information systems, writes in his book Teaming HL Designing Interfaces Way on 2001, the autopilot was probably in heading mode. This setting instructs the aircraft to fly according to the magnetic compass. At higher altitudes, the accuracy can vary by up to 15 degrees. This autopilot mode is believed to have allowed the plane to enter Soviet airspace. Perhaps it was the mistake of the pilots of Korean Airlines that they kept thinking that they were flying in INS mode.

5 years after this incident, in a similar accident, US Vinson of America is going from Tehran to Dubai in this plane. Iran Air’s Airbus A300 plane was shot down. The US Navy mistakenly mistook this aircraft as a fighter jet and fired on it. 290 passengers and flight crew were killed in this incident.

Why Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed 3
Korean Airlines Flight 007 destroyed

A small memorial has been erected on the Russian island of Sakhalin in honor of those killed in the Korean Air Lines plane crash. Similarly, a 90 feet high tower was built in his memory at Wakan Eye in Japan, where it was washed away on the sea coast. Some of his personal belongings were kept. In this tower, 269 pieces of white stone and two pieces of black marble were installed in memory of 269 people who died. On which the names of all those passengers were written. Fragments of 00 Seven from Korean aircraft are still buried in the womb of the sea near Sakhalin.

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